Blood brothers by willy russell essay

The story is of twin brothers born to the poor and already mother of many, Mrs Johnstone. There would be a bible sitting on a table with a small spotlight shining on it for the whole scene, this would imply to the audience that it has some relevance in the play.

Blood Brothers by play write Willy Russell Essay

Mrs Johnstone would then stand up, look around the room and put it in contrast with her own house. When waiting for the show to begin, my expectations began to rise on seeing the set. Lyons, decides to do the logical thing: One of my least favourite characters was the narrator played by Keith Burns.

Johnston is a mother with seven children just trying to get by, one day at the time. It is the first time the audience has been encouraged to understand why Mrs Johnstone gave one of her babies to Mrs Lyons. She would then turn to Mrs Johnstone and stare at the ground as if embarrassed.

Everybody is equal, and should be treated the same way. The show began with the orchestra playing the overture, and the set from behind the gauze being lit and revealed.

For school scenes, desks were simply rushed in and the teacher mimed the writing on a blackboard. The play examines the issue of social differences in Britain, how life is quite more difficult for the working class environment than for the upper middle class.

The wallpaper would be fashionable for the time; there would be an emerald green sofa with matching cushions that looked expensive but uninviting. I want the audience to think that Mrs Lyons looks like a well mannered, calm, responsible lady and Mrs Johnstone seems like a paranoid and superstitious, depressed woman who also tries to be a kind and loving parent, a lot more loving than the sensible Mrs Lyons.

Johnston did in the beginning of the story, meaning that Linda starts to go out dancing just like Mrs. Mickey was hurt by this, but carried on life as best he could until he too was moved to the country by the council.

Lyons forbids them from ever seeing each other because if they do, it will lead to their respective demises. So if the story took place today, it would have taken another angle. The police thought he was going to shoot and so they shoot Mickey, as Mickey fell he pulled the trigger thus killing Edward.

Humour is also used to keep the audience interested and balance out the conflict and sadness in the play.

Blood Brothers by Willy Russell

In the beginning of the story the Mother sings when she was young, she went dancing all the time with her husband, and she was so pretty. In a previous scene the audience would have seen that Mrs Johnstone is a very superstitious woman, so they would know that if she tried to break this binding agreement she would believe that she would condemned to the depths of hell.

The appearance of a mysterious narrator is a good repetitious devise; he not only sets the scene but always adds very philosophical and meaningful interpretative verses that really make you think about the play and see it from a new perspective.

He uses a lot of slang words and swears all the time. It is about an impoverished working class woman called Mrs Johnstone who is a single mother with many children and is now expecting twins. I want to make the audience wonder what he was implying by his actions and his malevolent words. As Mrs Johnstone nods as if to say yesa red light would shine over the stage again to suggest to the audience danger or death.

Suspended in front of the set was a gauze, a net like drop that allowed partial view of the set behind. Eddie, who has lived his whole live with dictionaries around him, and money enough to buy everything he needs, has a very fine and elaborating language. In the middle of the scene Mrs Lyons takes a stuffed cushion and arranges it beneath her dress, she does this in front of a working class woman; this really does suggest to the audience that she would go to any lengths to achieve her goal.

He relaxes the audience with comedy and keeps adding these very emotional and strong scenes to bring the audience back to reality with loud music and powerful lighting effects. He leaves school with an English Language O level as his only qualification to work for six years as a hairdresser.

Humour was created by seeing grown actors play pre-pubescent characters, the contrast of the actors heights and builds allowed the audience to find humour in the actions or things they said.

Willy Russell’s Blood Brothers

Also props such as telephones or different coloured doors were added. The narrator could then walk up to Mrs Johnstone while he was saying his lines in a rhyming voice and pretend his billiard cue is a gun and shoot her in the stomach, dropping hints of the tragedy that will later happen.

That is seen by the way the main-characters speak. Mrs Johnstone would take a step closer to the bible and raise her hand with a worried and suspicious look on her face, she would at first seem disinclined to place her hand on the book, but then she would do it, she would intimate with her tense body language that she is uncomfortable with this action.

There are several other issues running throughout the play, most of which are based around superstition: She belongs to the upper middle class; and this is shown in her language, where she speaks RP English.Social Commentary in Blood Brothers by Willy Russell Essay - Social Commentary in Blood Brothers by Willy Russell The play, Blood Brothers by Willy Russell, is a twisted tale of two brothers born on the same day and from the same womb, yet they live in two entirely different worlds.

Blood Brothers by Willy Russell Essay

“Blood Brothers” by Willy Russell Essay Sample. The play is written by Willy Russell, who is born just outside Liverpool, and that’s also where the story takes place. Blood Brothers, by Willy Russell - Blood Brothers Essay Does Willy Russell want the audience to blame Mrs Johnstone in the scene where she agrees to give one of her children away.

What dramatic and language techniques does Willy Russell use to influence the audiences emotions. Blood brothers is a musical set in the ’s. Essay on The Role of Mrs Lyons in 'Blood Brothers' by Willy Russell Words | 4 Pages. Mrs Lyons in 'Blood Brothers' by Willy Russell Blood Brothers is a play written by Willy Russell telling the story of two twin brothers that were separated at birth, as their.

“Blood Brothers” by Willy Russell Essay Sample

Social Commentary in Blood Brothers by Willy Russell Essay - Social Commentary in Blood Brothers by Willy Russell The play, Blood Brothers by Willy Russell, is a twisted tale of two brothers born on the same day and from the same womb, yet they live in two entirely different worlds.

Blood Brothers was a musical and a book both wrote by Willy Russell in blood Brothers first aired in Liverpool before Russell transferred it to the west end in.

Blood brothers by willy russell essay
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